5 Challenges that Deter Businesses from Adopting Business Process Automation and Ways to Overcome Them

Despite its transformative potential, Business Process Automation has not been adopted by many businesses, especially smaller ones. Such businesses overlook the fact that business process automation provides a more effective method of working along with cost savings. It also offers a competitive advantage. However, decision-makers are skeptical about not being able to manage it well and it back-firing.

In other words, if the benefits are immense, so is the risk. However, to make the most of business process automation, having a thorough knowledge of the pitfalls will work wonders. Here are the five most significant challenges that make business owners wary of adopting business process automation.

1. Goals are undefined
Speaking to a few small and medium business owners has revealed that they are not willing to adopt business process automation because they do not want to jump onto the bandwagon without having clarity on goals and agendas. They are not sure about how success will be defined once automation is adopted. For them calculating returns on investment will be tough with strong success metrics in place due to automation.

Solution: Micro Network will sit with you to define success, the first parameter wise like more productivity, reduced risk, cost-cut, or customer satisfaction. Subsequently, business process automation will be carried out keeping the success specifications or goals in mind and not the other way around.

2. Automation is not suitable for broken processes

Small business owners are doubtful about the performance of automation for broken or underperforming processes. They believe automation cannot fix a broken process so why invest more in it. Such processes require extra manual intervention.

Solution: Micro Network chalks out each step of implementing business process automation before moving ahead with its execution. It will give a clear impression of what is in store and what requires fixing. The same can be ruled out with better planning and solutions.

3. Big changes can mean big problems
Adopting powerful automation can appear smooth and good in the beginning but later there can be issues like technical snags and difficulty in overhauling, due to a lack of know-how. This can discourage all stakeholders which can be detrimental to business growth.

Solution: Micro Network allows you to start small. Automating one easy process at a time will enable your employees to get a hang of things and learn the trade well.

4. Employee support and involvement are ignored
Many businesses running due to the sole effort and good work of their employees feel that employee involvement is ignored when going automatic. They believe employees may feel threatened and may not support automation which they do not wish to happen.

Solution: Micro Network offers transparent and employee-centric change with business process automation. This addresses all the concerns of the existing staff and makes them feel part of the transition and development.

5. Scaling will be tough
In the rush to adopt automation while the business world was transitioning because of the sudden advent of digitalization, many businesses embraced automation based on their current business set-up without investing any thought in future scaling or leaving room for flexibility. It is not advisable to adopt automation for a fixed number of users depending on the current business strength and IT infrastructure. This will surely make scaling difficult in the future.

Solution: Micro Network ensures the usage of cloud platforms to deal with the issue of scaling in the future in currently small set-ups. This will enable you to scale any number of processes in the future depending on your business requirement.

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