5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Server Virtualization

Virtualization has been around for quite some time now but it is only now that companies of all sizes are realizing its importance, more so, because of the pandemic and remote work culture. It provides many benefits that companies have understood with time. A few among them include energy savings, reduction in several physical servers, quicker server as well as desktop provisioning, more up-time, and improved availability besides smooth disaster recovery.

Considering its benefits, companies that have not embraced server virtualization must consider doing so. Embracing virtualization would mean being able to manage multiple virtual workloads at the same time on the same system without having the workload be tied to the physical machine. The other benefit of server virtualization includes a higher utilization ratio at the data center at lower costs.

Let’s see the benefits of this revolutionary IT management solution in detail that will help companies be efficient and make profits.

Minimize hardware costs

There could be a 40 % drop in the software and hardware expenses for the IT department of the company that embraces server virtualization. Generally, physical servers are under-utilized and use only a part of their maximum capacity. Hardware utilization increases with virtualization and cloud computing as multiple virtual systems run on the same physical server.

Quicker server provisioning as well as deployment

Server virtualization makes system provision as well as deployment easier and quicker. A virtual machine that already exists can be cloned within a short time without having to spend millions on the installation of another physical server. With so much ease at your disposal who would want to go back to the days wherein companies had to wait for days for the server to arrive and then endure the hours of its installation? Not to forget the tedious task of filling out the form to place a purchase order. Then every server and system comes with a lot of cables and racks that involve extra cost. Data center virtualization is much required for businesses to meet the demand and manage the explosion of their data resources in order to keep beating the competition.

Better Disaster Recovery

Server virtualization prepares you well for any crisis as it enables data recovery and smooth transitions. One virtual machine can be swiftly shifted from one server to another in no time. Data backup is also easier as creating a replicate site is effortless. Many virtualization platforms have software to help automate the fail-over at the time of any disaster. It also enables the company to run a crisis recovery fail-over test. The infrastructure is set up to automatically recover the data safely.

Remarkable energy expenditure savings

Switching over to virtual servers enables companies to replace many physical servers with fewer ones. This implies the power and cooling cost reduces and it also saves energy. You go green with server virtualization. It is believed that energy expenses are reduced by 80 percent with server virtualization. The companies can power down systems without causing any impact on the running applications or working users.

Enhanced productivity

With server virtualization, the companies will have fewer systems and servers to manage and maintain. Provisioning of servers will be done in a few minutes. The IT personnel will have more time to devote to other tasks that will drive the business to grow or take up new initiatives. Server virtualization results in enhanced productivity.

Embracing server virtualization will bring along these benefits for your business. If you are planning the transition, reach out to Micro Network for all kinds of server virtualization solutions.

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