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Forward thinking companies and their leaders know all too well the challenges of integrating IT managed services like cloud applications, appliances and hardware with cloud integration. Their demands for secure, cost-efficient services to help integrate diverse portfolio of applications with the cloud has given rise to Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).


As one of the IT managed services and infrastructure providers in India to explore the cloud technology, and to set up robust and secure cloud infrastructure and partnerships, Micro Network is the best cloud service provider for you.

Our Network Infrastructure and Solutions are designed after understanding your business and how it operates. This enables us to develop and install a cost–efficient and a flexible network system that will expand accordingly with your IT needs.

Network Infrastructure and Cabling installations in India are carried out to the highest standards, and Micro Network’s experienced on–site engineering team ensures that the entire network infrastructure and installation is fully tested using the latest network technology before it is completed and signed off.

IT Managed Services and Business applications no longer sit only at the heart of an organization but have moved to the edge. The advent of smartphones, tablets and Android devices are developments heralding the onset of the real information age.

As budgets shrink and IT application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT partner like Micro Network. Employing development methodologies and swift techniques are our major arenas of work.

We are engaged in offering superior quality Audio Video Integration and Board Room Solutions to our valuable clients with cutting edge technology. Our offerings include aesthetically designed solutions with state of the art products , innovative designs & simple to use applications.

Micro Network’s unmatched expertise in this domain area has enabled us plan, design and implement custom solutions and IT services, to offer elevated value in the ever growing industry and audio video infrastructure market.

For every coin spent on new application development, global enterprises are estimated to spend much amount in maintenance and support. Big opportunities in IT services are being enlightened by the emergence of new technologies including cloud, mobility, analytics and social media.

Organizations have to continue providing maintenance and support to existing applications in spite of arising challenges. Outsourcing of application maintenance and support functions to specialist firms as Micro Network helps companies to not only reduce overall IT costs, but also improve productivity.

MICRO NETWORKS’ cloud backup Services lets you quickly scale up to fulfill your IT business’s growing need. We handhold you through migration process, customizing features to suit you with your specific requirements and needs.

Micro Network’s cloud backup services on the cloud ensure that your data is always available to you. We ensure that your data is backed up to both onsite and offsite servers.

To survive in today’s IT market, organisations need to be positioned to take advantage of alternating business models, new methodology and varied revenue streams. But to be able to do this, you need an IT backbone that is able to quickly deliver the results you need.

Micro Network can help to simplify and organise your systems, processes and tools. We are one of the most trusted system integrators in India. We help you consolidate your IT systems and allow you to maximize outcomes from your existing hardware and software investment.

As your business goes on full stream, you really cannot afford downtime in IT business. Crashed servers, blue screen desktops, crawling networks, vanished data—all these do become a part of life, but should it make your business come to a standstill?

MICRO NETWORK offers Annual Maintenance Service, Facility Management Service, Break Fix Services including a range of support services that ensure your business continues at its pace.

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Annual Maintenance Service

MICRO NETWORK’S dedicated team of IT engineers take care of the smooth functioning of all your IT resources and needs, from data centers to networks, from servers to storage, from desktops to connectivity.

Facility Management Service

MICRO NETWORK ensures On-site engineers backed by a team of remote experts, ensure full quick recovery from system failure and breakdown, and coordinate and follow-up with trusted organizations for equipment.

Breakfix Services

MICRO NETWORK can offer IT services and support, remotely and on-site, if there is a breakdown of any sorts with IT infrastructure & offers remote monitoring and resolution, 24×7 support to its customers.



Hardware PC's, servers, networks, middleware—is becoming more specific and specialized, making it harder to find technology specialists.


We focus not on just meeting the needs of IT services, but on finding the right mix of solutions that works best for your organization, helping you meet organizational goals.


A company’s IT infrastructure is the backbone of its business, but too often businesses end up spending their time just trying to make the IT work, instead of it working smoothly.


We believe that technology should benefit the IT services and businesses, and with this approach, we help organistaions to run their IT infrastructure management like clockwork.


Challenges are a given for any growing business,when they relate to the IT infrastructure, they seem to look bigger and harder to overcome.


We have been in the IT infrastructure business with a continuous focus on investing in new technologies that deliver value to businesses.

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