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Access Control

Enterprise level Access Control Solutions Provider in India

Access control not to mention is any mechanism or system that manages access to the authorization or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization.
Comparatively trusted by millions of customers likewise around the world, Micro Network (India) Private Limited provides comprehensive State-of-the-art access control solution coupled with the most advanced security technologies as well as innovative networking capabilities. Similarly, we can also bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility.

Not to mention, by working together with many notable and trusted names in the building industry we are confident in the service we can provide and will ensure your required access control security solutions are the most suitable – practical and cost-effective comparatively.

Furthermore, we can also provide remote programming of Access Control and CCTV Surveillance Systems Audio and Colour Video Door Entry Systems – Proximity Access Control Systems Colour CCTV Surveillance Systems – IT Cabling Network Solutions and Voice Over IP Motorised Car Park Gates, Bollards, and Barriers with Secure Remote Control Access for users.


  • Gives a protected working climate
  • Helps with reviewing of time and participation
  • Access to various offices through one interface
  • Spares time and cash
  • Accelerates commonplace procedures


  • Intelligent guest administration framework
  • Boosts your front work area’s productivity
  • Overseeing and recording guest information
  • quicker and effective visit process


  • Direct your attendance logs
  • Compose them without botches
  • Lessen delays in pay repayment
  • Enhance representative fulfillment
  • Set aside to half of your chance which you can put to more gainful utilize
  • Spare overheads by up to 20%


  • The inhabitance show counter in software demonstrates to you the closest parking opening accessible
  • Executes time-span construct parking charges with respect to visitors which will shorten longer stopping hours.
  • Card-based access framework so no gatecrashers enter parking spots
  • Live video administration mix keeps a watch on your vehicle and dodges robbery


Uniquely Effect tried, high-security bollards shield basic national foundation from vehicle-borne assaults. Implementing bollards in the first place permits passageways, auto parks, benefit territories and private streets to be open just by approved vehicles yet stay person on foot porous. Micro Network High-Security Bollards are not to mentione a powerful security product, furthermore have been tried to a scope of various IWA 14, PAS 68 and ASTM confirmations and are accessible in a wide assortment of stylish completions.


Uniquely programmed Boom Barriers offer effective security at exit and entry section purposes of processing plants, office edifices, apartment suites, parking areas, toll courts, or any roadway passage where medium to overwhelming movement is normal. In addition, The boom barrier is stylishly outlined with smooth and current looks.

Moreover, Highlights of the boom barrier coupled with an inbuilt crash resistant security gadget, which also suspends the movement of the boom, should it meet any check. Furthermore, Discretionary beam sensor gives advance insurance to vehicles. Auto-close of the boom barrier can also be customized through the controller. Similarly, the term of quick and moderate speed is modified at the season of the establishment, as indicated by the length of the boom barrier and recurrence of movement anticipated correspondingly.

Be that as it may, its electronic control board is intended to acknowledge signals from different controls and wellbeing frill.

Every one of these highlights makes Micro Network’s programmed boom barriers arrangement the best in class entrance control hardware for your security.

  • High torque engine: a Long enduring motor that produces up to 600Nm torque.
  • Smooth task: No bounce/yank of a boom at end positions.
  • Better permeability: White aluminum boom bar with intelligent strips and RAL 2005 powder covered lodging.
  • IP54 insurance: Control unit is IP – secured influencing it to clean and water safe.
  • Optical bar sensor: Safety gadget to identify the nearness of vehicles and inversion of boom movement.
  • Access control activity: Boom barrier worked through push catch switch and can likewise be worked through access control framework.
  • Manual task if there should arise an occurrence of energy disappointment: Barrier can be raised or brought down by discharging the boom bolt with a key kind component.
  • Applications: Tolls, stopping regions, enterprises, private and govt. resources, local locations, airplane terminals and so on.
  • High torque motor: a Long lasting motor that generates up to 600Nm torque.
  • Smooth operation: No bounce/jerk of boom at end positions.
  • Better visibility: White aluminum boom bar with reflective strips and RAL 2005 powder coated housing.
  • IP54 protection: Control unit is IP – protected making it dust and water resistant.
  • Optical beam sensor: Safety device to detect the presence of vehicles and reversal of boom movement.
  • Access control operation: Boom barrier operated through push button switch and can also be operated through access control system.
  • Manual operation in case of power failure: Barrier can be raised or lowered by releasing the boom lock with key type mechanism.
  • Applications: Tolls, parking areas, industries, private & govt. assets, residential areas, airports etc.

Traffic Blocker

Impact tested, high-security bollards protect critical national infrastructure from vehicle-borne attacks. Furthermore, Installing bollards allows entrances, car parks, service areas and private roads to be accessible only by authorized vehicles but remain pedestrian permeable. Not to mention, ATG Automatic High-Security Bollards are hydraulically operated, have been tested to a range of different IWA 14, PAS 68 & ASTM certifications and are available in a wide variety of aesthetic finishes.

  • Possibility to integrate with Boom Barrier
  • PCB Electronic Circuit to automatically switch off the motor in case of a fault.
  • Duty Cycle: 100%.
  • Hydraulic Drive Mechanisms with internal locking feature circuit controller for Auto-Off in fully raised & lowered position with limit switches
  • and manual Operation in case of power failure.
  • Available in 3/4/5/6 meters
  • Compatible with optional accessories like Remote Controller, Two-way traffic light or a pair of Photocell Safety Beam.

Smart Gates

  • Furthermore, No more manual efforts! You can open and close your gate without getting out of your car, parking on the pavement or leave the house open for guests.
  • To strengthen the level of security for your home comparatively.
  • To uniquely control the gate, side door and garage door opening on a single command.

RFID Parking Solutions

As a matter of fact the solution provides an easy means for the handsfree, long-distance, unique vehicle identification to allow secure entry and exit to areas preventing unauthorized access and supports single or multiple entry/exit points.

Advantage with Micro Network

  • Leading Parking Solution Provider
  • 100% in-house designed Solution
  • Fully expendable, scalable.
  • Integrable with 3rd Party software.
  • Open-end Hardware Integration.
  • Large satisfied customer base.

Application Areas

  • Residential Colony
  • Societies
  • Corporate Offices
  • Factories

Parking Guidance System

  • As a matter of fact it is estimated that 30% of traffic congestion during parking is attributed to vehicle corrospondingly looking for parking space (source Traffic Technology International)
  • As a matter of fact a parking system can also lead to a non-trivial reduction in vehicle emission comparatively.
  • Furthermore, typical benefits are 2% reduction in emission of CO. Cost optimization by progressive openings of levels as necessary.
  • Moreover, closed levels can save electricity by switching off lighting, ventilation etc. Validation of the premium charged for parking by providing efficient and user-friendly parking facility comparatively.
  • Comparatively an ultrasonic sensor is equally based on radar principle where time is measured by the emission of sonic signal & return of its echo to determine not to mention the presence of a vehicle.
  • Not only…but also it Detect, Count & Indicate the vacant places online.
  • Moreover, vacancy Indicator & Display Panels are based on L.E.D. technology to minimize power consumption & increase visibility with long maintenance-free life.
  • Likewise, the Master Controller interface between Application Software & other Parking devices & Zone Controller manages the information on a car park zone or level & uniquely communicates with other Zone Controllers & Master Controller.
  • Furthermore, our parking Guidance System Software based on SQL database and user-friendly operation with the highest level of security.

Parking Management System

Similarly we design and produce advanced systems corrospondingly coupled with automatic management of all types of car parks offering end to end services. Again we design every project uniquely customized and coupled with: entries, exits, traffic flow, guidance systems and access management for every parking project.

Benefits of Parking Management System

  •  Enhanced Security
  • Controlled Pilferage
  • Reduced Operating cost
  • Quick ROI
  • Convenient for users
  • No conflicts of payments for the number of hours parked

Bio-Metric Access Control

Right from Iris recognition to Facial identification, Micro Network’s Biometric Authentication solutions provide you with the complete service package required in your house or workplace. Get the best and the most convenient security authentication right now.

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Visitor Management

Safely keeps up a computerized record of every Visitor going to your Company area; data that the Company controls consistently. Incorporated 3-Factor confirmation framework to approve the certifications of Visitors through their email ID, telephone, and Government issued ID. With industry standard encryption and security traditions at all levels of the Visitor Management process, your Visitor data is secure and open just by affirmed customers of your Company.

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Time & Attendance

A worldwide workforce needs an answer to oversee nonattendance approaches, time accumulations, time-off solicitations and record working hours. Give your HR association one framework to deal with all exchanges for worker time administration.

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