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Leading AudioVisual Solutions Provider in India

To begin with, Micro Network here presents to you the most advanced AudioVisual solutions in the market today. So we ensure that we provide the best of the services and then to provide a whole integrated AudioVisual setup too. In the first place, here we represent you the most advanced AudioVisual solutions in the market today equally. So we ensure that we provide the best of the services too. Not to mention, by providing complete integrated AudioVisual setup then we highly ensure best of the service, support & implementation at clients place too. Equally important our AV solutions experts enable communication and then collaboration while simultaneously improving the quality of the business interaction. As a result, we can deliver highly vivid Audiovisual experience by implementing the latest technology at our clients’ place. So our experience and knowledge make us a trusted and skilled organization.

complete audiovisual solutions


As Audiovisual Solutions are highly mandatory for the success of any event. Identically, Micro Network’s Audiovisual sector is a leading service provider of professional AV & also Event production services to Conventions, Conferences, Social Events, Promotional events, and then Trade shows too. As a result, With the right mix of AV consultation, technical knowledge, creative ideas, good communications and also responsiveness, here our representatives have the ability to provide assistance to all kinds of events too. So this is the right platform to come here and get all the audiovisual solutions that you need. Also be it an educational affair or a business affair, we are at your service with the latest technology available.

Audiovisual solutions

Audiovisual solutions

  • Network operating centre

  • Videoconference facility

  • Distance learning facility

  • Auditoriums,boardrooms and conference centres

  • Streaming audio and video systems

  • Command and control systems

  • Collaboration technology

  • Entertainment/hospitality solutions

Improving the onboard process

New hires need time to get up to speed. So by providing video training can make the transition expedient and also manageable. As a result, this time saved hastens products and reduces costs.

Recording and broadcasting

Audiovisual systems can usually support recording and then live to broadcast of events. As this can be very useful for engaging with a wider audience and also providing the content to people who are not able to be at an event in person.

Video conferencing

High-quality video technology can transform a conference call into an opportunity to communicate and then collaborate with teams, remote professionals and management too. So this can boost your business. 


Get the world to know what is going on in your event.It’s only fitting to project your content king-sized for the whole audience to experience. We have a variety of solutions available – from tripod screens to massive 100’ wide (5000+ pixels) projection surfaces.Be it a cultural event or a huge conference,the best way to get your spectators enthralled is by projecting it on a big screen and Micro Network provides exactly what you are looking for.

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Videoconferencing (VC) system management software controls the delivery of audio and video content.This solution lets you use the application without the help of any technicians.This system simplifies the process and allows hosts to focus on other details of the meeting, and provides a cohesive and powerful way to book and manage video conferences. With this type of integration, you can coordinate all aspects of your organization’s video conference efforts, from booking the room and reserving the equipment to ensuring that break services have been scheduled and attendees are aware of the event.

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Every word at a comfortable volume – that’s what you get with a presentation powered by Micro Network. We take sound system design seriously; labouring over microphone placement and speaker style so your audience can absorb your presenter’s message without getting distracted by missed words, upcuts or feedback.

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