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Automation Solutions

Leading Industrial & Home Automation Solutions in India

Presenting to you the most noteworthy automation solutions. In addition our well-trained Industry automation experts can develop a systematic and uniquely planned automation process for your comfort & reliable future. Our automation experts are dedicated to help you in equally achieving your goals with better efficiency and reliability to increase your’s business performance in the first places. As a matter of fact we help businesses to achieve the highest performance through our strategic automation solutions to upgrade and consolidate their operations. Therefore our reliable, responsive and expert service helps uniquely improve your performance comparatively.

Capital Projects

Worldwide industry pioneers concur: the unpredictability of the present capital ventures is causing an endemic loss of significant worth and certainty. Tasks are bigger, more specialized and running at a quicker pace than at any other time. However decades-old undertaking philosophies can’t keep pace. It’s a great opportunity to reconsider capital undertakings.

Operational Excellence

Micro Network’s new innovation and building based program combine industry skill, counseling administrations, our complete automation technology portfolio and new Industrial IoT answers for accomplishing Top Quartile execution in the regions of security, unwavering quality, generation and vitality administration.

Industrial IoT

Organizations are significantly enhancing the speed and precision of basic leadership via automation solutions and activities in light of having the correct data in the hands of the correct master… regardless of where they sit. The Industrial Internet of Things is introducing a computerized change that empowers organizations to misuse innovation and ability like nothing anyone’s ever seen previously, yet just if the privilege versatile innovation methodology is coordinated to your business objectives. We will put you in the correct way.

Energize Your Windows

  • Highest RPM Motors
  • Rolling Code Technology
  • Touch Motion Technology
  • Obstacle Detection Technology
  • Robust German Standards

Sound of Silence and Comfort

  • Worlds most silent motors.
  • Track: 3 step EAS Treatment
  • World’s longest curtain track
  • Shaped as straight, at 90 Degrees, curved

Touch Motion which ensures your privacy Switch Start, Remote start or any Home Automation Solution

the art of rolling and convenience

The World’s most Silent motors blind in different shape and size customized open position. Also coupled with Sequential opening & ungrouping.

  • Obstruction Detection Technology
  • Smooth opening and closing of blinds
  • Less maintenance

Window Interior Sky Light System

  • Straight or Slant Windows
  • Single or dual motor systems.
  • Automated with Light Sensors

Windows Exterior The ZIP Drives

  • Customized Channels
  • Power Saying
  • Obstruction Detection Technology
  • Smooth and Jerk Free
  • Longer Life & Minimal Maintenance
  • Highly Secure: Built-in sensors and couplers locks

Window Exterior: Awnings

Electronic awning drives are rugged and versatile and can safely and conventionally move all standard sunshade systems, even the wireless technology. Similarly, Micro Network’s  combination sensors reliably record all the environmental information furthermore necessary for automatic control of sunshades system.

  • Available with Solar Cells.
  • Control it through conventional or modern timers to meet your individual requirements

Projector Screen

  • Be it your state of the art Home Theatre
  • Or your elegantly done boardroom
  • Our Motorized projection screen gives you the edge.
complete automation solutionsA


Automation is to say nothing of but about controlling your equipment, lines and all of your operations in your infrastructure and organization. As a matter of fact, the greater you control, the more value you can squeeze out of your production. Moreover, make the most of your production with our continuously developing family of open, scalable Micro Network’s automation solutions and information solutions bringing the noteworthy outcome of your system architecture. Automation solutions for gates, doors, barriers, shutters, parking facilities and home security are also available corrospondingly.

home automation solutions

Automation Solutions for homes and businesses

  • Projector curtain automation

  • Roller shutters

  • Parking facilities and unmanned automation

  • Awnings

  • Automated gates

  • Home control systems-Smart home in one device

Faster Turnover Time 

Manually there is a limit to how fast business processes can be completed. Automation can reduce this time significantly since it allows tasks to be completed simultaneously, constantly progressing, and prompting where deadlines occur.

Workload is Decreased

Businesses can experience growth issues due to manually completed work which can take an unreasonably long time, particularly when it is complex. Our solutions decrease the manual workload of employees to best utilize their skills and focus on their core competencies.

Improved Reliability 

An automation system can handle complex tasks based on predefined parameters, reducing the need for entry-level individuals who would be hired to complete such tasks. This improves reliability and relieves operations personnel of boring manual tasks. All these benefits are powerful arguments for adopting an automation system that can benefit the company’s bottom line.


Micro Network offers equally important and extensive range of roll up projector screens that are manufactured using the industry’s leading cutting-edge technology. In addition, these projection screen formats include manual , electric motorized, floor rising,in-ceiling, portable, and outdoor movie projection screens. Not to mention our automation experts can integrate control system with software, engineering, and innovation for the better experience. For an elegant home theatre or a good conference room, choose Micro Network Automation Solutions for the best services and complete satisfaction .

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Likewise experience complete automation right at the entrance of your building with the automatic door that combines technology and easy installation, optimizing space with just 10 cm. Therefore, It can be combined with different safety and command devices, also in creating particularly elegant access points.

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