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Right from iris recognition to voice identification, Micro Network’s Biometric Authentication solutions provide you with the complete service package as required in your house or workplace. Get the best and also most convenient security authentication right now.

Complete biometric solutions


Biometric authentication is a noteworthy security process and relies on the identically available biological characteristics of an individual to verify his/her identity. These biometric recognization machines equally compares biometric data like fingerprint, iris, voice or face recognization, with confirmed authentic data in a database. Again as soon as both samples of the biometric data match, authentication is confirmed. Therefore we will provide you with the best of biometric authentication you require to be set up in your business organizations or elsewhere. Again we understand your business needs and provide you with the best-tailored solutions to meet the uniquely managed needs of your business. Micro Network is your One-Stop-Shop for all your IT solution needs. The biometric solutions provided by us are highly scalable also equally match the security needs of a business. It also helps you strengthen your business at ease and without sacrificing convenience.

Biometric Authentication for all your needs

  • Biometrics Authentication access control solutions

  • Biometric security

  • Time and attendance roll call using biometrics

  • Face recognition setup

  • Fingerprint scanner

  • Iris/pupil scanning and recognition setup

Seamless Integration

Biometric identification systems can be seamlessly integrated equally with workforce management time and attendance systems,access control,surveillance and visitor management solutions.

Identification accuracy

Since every individual on the planet possesses uniquely present physiological features that can’t be easily swapped, shared, or stolen, therefor biometric identification has the potential to accurately identify someone without a shadow of a doubt nearly 100% of the time.

Reduces administrative costs

Biometric authentication systems are comprised of hardware and software also very easy to install and use again reducing the need for intense training and ongoing management costs. It also helps save other costs such as the issuance of new ID cards and replacing lost or damaged ID cards and much more.  


Again biometric Attendance System is a very efficient tool for Accurate & No Proxy Attendance System. Also there are various types of Biometric Attendance System available as per the uniquely managed requirement of a business. But the one with the finger print is the most popular, easy to use and also cost effective perfect modern attendance system which also saves you the annual costing of IDs card. From basic to high again we have variety of Finger Print Attendance Machines to suits identically every need.

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Get maximum security to your house/building or organization with Micro Network door access system.Either fingerprint operated or a specially designed card operated,explore this unique feature and experience the best security ever. Also it provides  24 X 7 operation and equally offers a standalone or network environment.

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