Businesses, it’s time to reboot network security

The year 2020 brought about a drastic change in the way businesses work. However, studies show that even before the pandemic the manufacturers were facing the issue of going digital and enhancing their efficiency. The digital transformation brought success and paid dividends for all businesses that invested in it. However, it also brought along the issue of cybersecurity. When all processes of a business are digitized and connected internally, the potential of being breached or attacked is also high and there is more need of protecting the data and the information. Just one adverse cybersecurity incident can result in downtime along with revenue losses. This can further increase operational expenses. Let alone the fact that the incident has the potential to damage the manufacturer’s reputation.

Even after knowing the risks involved many manufacturers adopt the patchwork approach to deal with the risks of cybersecurity, which is a big concern for the higher management. Point solutions can never provide the business with the desired complete security. It requires an end-to-end approach; beginning with the network.

There are some highly efficient cybersecurity tools created particularly for the operational technology (OT) atmosphere. These tools self-identify devices as well as the involved communication patterns, thereby revealing cybersecurity risks. However, the tools are only as efficient as the network they’re used for monitoring. With legacy networks, it is often complex to access the needed visibility and almost impossible to turn the application automatic along with the enforcement of all security business policies.

To acquire a safe digital switch-over, businesses must reboot their network security. That should begin with fast-tracking conversion of legacy operation networks so they completely enable, comply with and boost cybersecurity tools.

Transformation for security

For any business, especially those in manufacturing, the base of a safe production environment involves a production network. The network must offer security tools with flawless access to all production processes and systems as well as the communications involved. Having the perfect network software and hardware, the available security tools especially those designed by Micro Network can act as analyzing and sensing ears and eyes to keep tabs on industrial automation and control systems (IACS) devices and the data transferred. Remember that the tools that your business uses for security should be able to carry out the steroids buy task without being a burden on the network in the first place.

Similar to enterprise networks, the critical defensive role can be played by the production network. Having the access to IACS devices along with the involved communications, and security tools aid in “profiling” all device behaviours as well as all communication flows! Businesses can utilize the profiles to frame security policies that can easily be enforced through the network infrastructure.

Making use of the same profiles, the available software can employ dynamic network segmentation – facilitating the protection of a flat business network from any abnormal communication flow or malevolent traffic.

Micro Network offers Network Security Services help from the cybersecurity program and technology investments. Organizations that use services for security get access to consultants and technical experts to support their staff with the latest knowledge and capabilities. They also help improve time to threat detection and response. And, by reducing complexity, you’ll improve your ability to adapt to changing business priorities.

Call Micro Network now for more efficient network security solutions!

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