Is the cloud ready for mission-critical apps?

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A mission-critical application is an essential program that must work continuously for a business to be efficient and successful. In case a mission-critical application faces downtime, there will be financial losses. The software’s failure may affect the business productivity hence its reputation. There is believed to be a lot of doubt surrounding the adoption of [...]

6 Business Benefits of Installing Solar Panel

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Every business setup needs to look for an alternative energy source as it has some responsibility towards saving the environment and enabling a more sustainable ecosystem. There has been more energy consumption while the energy charges have gone up. Considering all this, solar power, an alternative source of energy, is a viable option for all [...]

How you can leverage mobile technology to grow your business

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Every audience these days is mobile, irrespective of their co-ordinates. Smart handheld devices are the means to consume news for people on the go. Even people at home make use of smartphones to keep themselves abreast with the happenings around. This is the reason every company is focusing on having the best mobile marketing plan. [...]

Primary Advantages of Business Process Automation

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In simpler words, Business process automation (BPA) is the implementation of software to make multi-step repeatable business transactions automated. It is also called just business automation or sometimes, digital transformation. It involves the automation of complicated business processes using technology. Business automation can make the business process simpler by streamlining. With digital transformation, there can [...]

The Goods of Adopting Web Services for Businesses

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Making use of web services like web development, web designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, pay-per-click, and e-commerce has become a must for all big and small businesses. It has many advantages. Regardless, many businesses with a good physical presence are opting for the online medium because of its advantages. Even solely [...]

All About Business Application Development And Its Benefits

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What Are Business Applications? Business applications are software solutions or various sets of programs that offer business functionality. They also find their use in enhancing as well as supervising productivity that takes place in an organization. The use of business applications could be internally, externally, or with other apps. They can be custom-built hiring IT [...]