Choose the Right Video Surveillance System for Your Business

There are so many things that you must know before buying a surveillance system with video. The system can save your business from intrusion, theft, fire, burglary, or flood.

Before evaluating systems, decide what kind of cameras you desire, also the kind of storage you require, and the spheres of the business that require surveillance protection.

There are two primary types of cameras used for surveillance, analog and Internet Protocol.

Small and medium business owners who are thinking of buying a surveillance system with video will find this blog useful. Those who wish to understand what kind of surveillance system they must buy and what amount they must expect to spend will also find this piece informative.

Security is important for any kind of business. You can only be profitable if you protect and safeguard your assets. Video surveillance systems have evolved with time. They are smarter and more effective. This has been made possible with the use of cameras that provide functions similar to computers namely, remote viewing, motion sensors, and notifications on mobile. Some advanced systems even have the facility to reach out to law enforcement immediately with the press of a button.

Technological advancements have also resulted in perfect ways of recording as well as storage. Business owners can afford to own immensely superior surveillance sets at comparatively affordable prices. In case you want to buy a surveillance system with video but don’t know how to go about it, the following tips and information will help you.

What to look for before buying a surveillance system with video

A buyer must focus on various factors before selecting a video surveillance system useful for your successful business.

Method to Install

For a small business with not many cameras to monitor, the installation can be done on its own. However, for bigger firms having many locations to mount the camera and involving complex setups, professional help to install the system is recommended.

Analyze Pricing

Pricing is dependent upon the size of the enterprise and the number of cameras required. It also depends on the kind of storage desired, the duration of storing the videos, and the kind of features required, like motion detection or video analytics.

Kind of camera

As mentioned earlier, the two primary types of cameras used in video surveillance systems are analog and Internet Protocol (IP). Conventional analog cameras are replaced with IP cameras having advanced features and more capabilities. IP cameras have higher resolution. They also enable auto-alerts; do video analytics, and many other advanced functions.

Kind of storage

There are three kinds of video data storage used in the surveillance system: DVR, NVR, and hybrid. DVR means “digital video recorder,” and it employs analog cameras. NVR means “network video recorder,” and it uses IP cameras. Hybrid systems employ both IP and analog cameras.

Storage Capacity

The required quality as well as the length of your videos ascertain the kind of storage your system needs. Bigger storage space will be required if you wish to record as well as archive high-resolution videos. You can also decide where to store the video footage; on the internal drive of the camera or on the external hard drive or on a cloud-based platform.

Provision for Customization

There is also the provision of customization. You can customize the system considering your business requirements.

Advanced Features

Various features like smart motion detection, night vision, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), etc are also available. Check which particular feature your enterprise needs and accordingly pick your surveillance system.

Areas of protection

You must be clear about the position and location of your surveillance system so that you can decide the type of camera you require.

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