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Data Center Solutions

Leading Data Center Solutions in India

Simplify your IT, So solve your business challenges, and then gain the agility and scalability to support your organization’s long-term strategy. You can also rely on us for your complete Data center infrastructure management & besides reliable service for the ease of your business.

As a result, now you can deploy business applications, information investigation, work area virtualization, and also cloud arrangements speedier utilizing demonstrated data center solutions. Experience prevalent adaptability improved administration, and streamline activities. So increment your adaptability and also interoperability with a programmable framework based on open standards. Hence do the majority of this with less hazard and lower costs. Above all our arrangement of data center foundation and also administration conveys predictable, as very secure, and dependable business comes about.


To assess your present condition, we also offer data center evaluations — so driven by our specialists and our accomplices — and also well-being checks and appraisals to help with data relocation.


So we’ll work with you to decide your particular technical necessities and then recognize the data center innovations that will also work the best for your association.


Like our ensured technical experts can also help with equipment, rack and then programming arrangement, configurations, custom imaging, resource labeling and following, also the execution of your data center solution and movement of your information too.


To facilitate the weight on your staff, our managed administrations group can help with undertakings like monitoring, redesigns, upgrades, also support, announcing, and equipment and then programming occurrence administration.

Server Solutions

To high-end servers implemented in data centers to amplify operational adequacy and also advance adaptability at any scale. So concentrated on quickened execution, improved automation, and also streamlined administration, the multiple brands with multiple capacity line-ups of servers can enable you to encounter effortless computing through

  • Most noteworthy IT effectiveness
  • Another, prevalent IT nimbleness
  • Finally, better IT unwavering quality

servers implemented in our data center solutions, as a result, are versatile, adaptable, effective arrangements stages with a streamlined and then natural administration that can enable you to meet changing missions and drive business achievement.

Computing solutions

Storage Solution

Accomplish speedier reaction times and lower your aggregate cost of proprietorship (TCO) with data center and virtualization procedures intended to coordinate your workloads. So From capacity, network administration and servers to programming and past, our adaptable current data center structures traverse an expansive innovation portfolio, conveying an unmistakable favorable position over siloed sellers who work inside just a solitary area.

  • Almost meet your particular stockpiling needs from our extensive variety of arrangements:
  • Even more, updated hardware structures
  • Creative software tools
  • End-to-end administrations

Regardless of whether you require execution streamlined glimmer advancements, ultra-thick stockpiling nooks, conventional or software-defined storage (SDS) arrangements, As a result, we can enable you to pick the correct choices for your association’s needs.

Networking Solutions

Similarly, the present applications call for new reasoning about network architecture. In view of open benchmarks, Micro Network’s Networking arrangements free you from obsolete, exclusive methodologies. Hence, our future-prepared data center network administration arrangements encourage you:

  • Enhance networking execution
  • Ensure your interests in our network hardware.
  • Upgrade your network framework with new developments
  • Convey more noteworthy business nimbleness

So take control of your network’s future and figure out how our methodology for open network administration can drastically change your business.

  • Exceedingly secure VPN access
  • Extensive security
  • Simple establishment
Network Management

Modular Infrastructure

Furthermore, modernize your data center, and change tasks with Micro Network’s Modular Data Center Infrastructure, an adaptable computing stage that empowers you to incorporate conventional and cloud-local workloads. Therefore, lower your cost of activities with exact workload enhancement by means of modular compute, network administration and capacity modules that can be custom-made to your administrations and effectively extended over an interval, making a deft, future-prepared framework that empowers you to:

  • Quicken your opportunity to showcase with negligible downtime
  • Proficiently react to business requests and improve organization without bargaining domain level control
  • Lessen your aggregate cost of possession and upgrade lifetime esteem

As a result, Micro Network’s Modular Infrastructure arrangements give the establishment to a cutting-edge, compute-driven software-defined data center.

Open Manage System Management

Similarly, use our OpenManage Systems Management answers for enhancing IT accessibility and efficiency while decreasing operational assignment and blunders. Our far-reaching data center infrastructure arrangements almost help IT Pros:

  • Keep up IT adaptability for quick reaction to dynamic business needs
  • Cost-successfully streamline equipment dependability and uptime
  • Accomplish emotional changes in IT efficiency and nimbleness

Decline to be constrained by IT intricacy. As a result, OpenManage portfolio gives client motivated frameworks administration arrangements explicitly intended to wisely streamline, computerize and enhance your IT tasks.

Disaster Recovery

As the measure of new information develops and capacity turns out to be progressively scattered, essential Enterprise business information and also coherence should be secure so clients can be centered around how to abbreviate the reinforcement time for mass information and lower their information costs too.

So our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery arrangements offer end-to-end techniques too, to secure against debacle and guarantee that the undertakings keep on functioning.

Data Center Network

As the broad utilization of cloud computing, Big Data, and the versatile Internet is quickening the dispatch of new administrations and then seems like making more data center activity too. Consequently, this requires a fast reaction from data center infrastructure network.

give clients even more cutting data center network that use SDN innovation to execute quick and adaptable arrangement configuration, mechanized network organization, and wise system O&M.

Data Center Energy

In the first place data Center Facility arrangements offer almost indoor modular data center infrastructure, outside compartment data centers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), accuracy aeration and cooling systems, and then a far-reaching foundation administration framework. therefore the arrangements depend on astute innovations and also can be quickly conveyed and easily developed to manufacture less difficult, more effective, and moreover solid data center facilities. What’s more, they spare vitality too.

Data Center Manager

Vitality costs are the speediest increasing cost for the present data centers. Data Center Manager gives ongoing force and warm utilization information—giving you the clearness you have to bring down power use, increment rack thickness, and delay task amid blackouts.


Our colocation focuses are also deliberately set and best in class too. Period. Full stop. First of all easily sign up with our data center services and then we will get you a custom confine space, custom cupboards, custom power, and custom network administration. Most noteworthy, every one of our centers has the most recent affirmations, security highlights, and also crisis reinforcement conventions to keep your information streaming uniquely.


Moreover as our data center network is controlled by our new best in class IP spine. In addition, it was developed from the beginning of your information at the top of the priority list. Our specialists have outlined a self-recuperating, profoundly secure and to a great degree quick system with more network providers than any other time in recent memory too. Additionally, your information will go on the quickest and minimum congested way conceivable.

Hybrid Cloud

As a matter of fact, we see the Cloud as a choice, not a place. Also, when you choose you’re prepared, Our Hybrid Cloud gives you equally a chance to keep up your present framework while you access the same number of our Cloud benefits as you need. This empowers you to scale with certainty. As a result which is equally important that Hybrid Cloud gives you the limit, debacle recuperation, and capacity that you need when you need.


As in 1992, the world before made 100 gigabytes of information consistently. Similarly, by 2018, the world will make 50,000 gigabytes of information consistently. The absence of versatile stockpiling is equally important as it harms your business and limits your upside development and then reinforcement capacities too. As a result, Micro Network’s economy of scale can also furnish you with terabytes of adaptable Storage-as-a-Service comparatively others.

Cloud Backup

In addition, with Micro Network’s Data Center Cloud Backup Services so you can send your physical and also virtual reinforcements offsite to our SOC-II SSAE-16 ensured server farm, including reproduced VMs (virtual machines), without the cost and unpredictability of making and also keeping up an offsite framework too.

Rack Provisioning

However, Find better approaches to build rack density. As an example, also view the video manual for Rack Provisioning and Capacity Planning too.

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Like Intelligent Power

To begin with, gather ongoing information without conveying exorbitant excess framework and also by supplanting intelligent power circulation units.

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Disaster Avoidance

So with constant observing and also administration, it’s conceivable to decrease power disappointments and different debacles too.

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Equipment Scheduling

In the first place, increment your capacity to meet workload requests as with hardware planning, and then make your data center solution accomplish more identically.

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To Build Real-Time Thermal Maps

In the first place, construct ongoing warm maps to maintain a strategic distance from the mystery that prompts under cooling or overcooling.

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Ghost Servers

Distinguish ghost servers, and then get data center power utilization under control.

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Power Thermal Aware Solution

Distinguish energy proficiency issues in the data center to stay away from service delays and then pick up reserve funds.

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Granular Rack-Level Thermal Monitoring

Empower the DCM to perceive an out-of-extend temperature perusing and then enable the client to make a prompt move.

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Granular Server-Level Thermal Monitoring

To get more noteworthy granular server-level warm perceivability, so when temperatures rise, it registers with the DCM.

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Predictive Detection of Cooling Anomalies

As anticipates cooling issues before they occur with a licensed calculation that also recognizes abnormalities so as to be settled before a warm issue happens.

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Server Health Management

As anticipate cooling issues before they occur with a licensed calculation that also recognizes abnormalities so as to be settled before a warm issue happens.

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Data Center Application Example

To mission, basic procedures require a powerful framework that is cleaner and more solid than what an average utility can give beyond. Additionally,  GE’s Critical Power items accomplish control accessibility of up to 99.9999%, the likeness seconds of downtime every year, by giving quick UPS reinforcement power and exchanging arrangements, while lessening unsettling influences on the framework too.