How you can leverage mobile technology to grow your business

Every audience these days is mobile, irrespective of their co-ordinates. Smart handheld devices are the means to consume news for people on the go. Even people at home make use of smartphones to keep themselves abreast with the happenings around. This is the reason every company is focusing on having the best mobile marketing plan. By making use of mobile technology to enhance the marketing engagement you can grow your business. Any company, whether B2B or B2C, can make the most of mobile technology to reach a wider audience and grow their business far and wide.

A few of the prominent ways to leverage the benefits of mobile technology for marketing to make it work in favour of your business are mentioned below.

The basics

Before beginning to use the modern technologies, evaluate what is your process currently for marketing. Have you optimized your landing pages for mobile devices? Also what is the scenario for emails? You may get first time visitors of  your brand through mobile devices using email promotional campaigns or through search engine making them visit your webpage. It is important for you to optimize your assets for the mobile use. If your content does not display properly on the device, you may be making a bad start with a new customer. Mobile optimization is a must-do from day one. It would be wiser to have fewer assets that are more user-friendly on mobile rather having too many assets that do not open properly on mobile devices.

Use Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has become an integral part of mobile technology for marketing. Businesses have AR enabled apps that better connect with their customers. We have a live example of IKEA, how it is using AR to offer enriched experience to its customers. They also have a big conversion rates simply because they offer advanced mobile technology to enhance their shopping experience. There are many other big and small businesses that are using AR to offer better shopping experience to their customers who are able to understand better what will suit their requirement what will not through mobile apps.

Simple SMSs for marketing

Technology does not always have to be advanced and complicated, something as simple as SMS can offer best of marketing solutions. SMS is deemed to be one of the most powerful tools to stay connected with your customers, especially those that are mobile. Because of their short messages, SMS are checked instantly by the customers which is not the case in other means of communication for example long emails. SMS even break the app burnout syndrome wherein a user blindly scrolls a business app without knowing anything about it or without connecting with it at any level. By reading a short message conveyed through SMS, a customer learns a lot about the company or the products/services offered. It is a good way to announce a launch, offer or a discount. You many even use SMS to conduct a survey or something similar.

Use events to your advantage

Companies can also employ location-enabled mobile technology to offer a better experience for customers at your event or near your location – some brands create custom Snapchat filters for customers to use on their personal accounts when they’re on-site and others utilize advertising that only appears in search only when a customer is in a certain geographical areas, all helping to create a personalized, location-specific experience.

Is your brand doing enough to leverage mobile technology and create a better customer experience? Think about ways that your business can leverage mobile technology, either by enhancing your existing efforts or introducing something new into the mix.

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