Innovative AV Tech solutions

Audio-visual (AV) technology is one of the best solutions to create seamless interfaces between two work points. Many businesses are already using AV technology in some form or the other either for smooth operations or for growth. There is a lot of scope for implementing innovative AV technology into the business.

The most burgeoning trends concerning AV technology are in use to solve communication as well as collaboration problems. They enable the hybrid teams to move forward. The following are the most significant aspects of AV technology that have created a buzz in the business world:

Easy-to-use set-ups

People want communication set-ups that must not be the cup of tea of only IT degrees holders. Even a common user must be able to understand and efficiently use the AV system like a pro. All AV tools, devices, and solutions are user-friendly. An AV system perfectly integrates into the business operations and easily becomes an integral part of the entire process.

With the advanced AV technology hitting the market, delays, glitches that people faced during physical meetings are forgotten. The video conferencing technology took the world by storm during the pandemic by enabling business and work to be conducted with ease.

Touchless tech

The pandemic has instilled in us the fear of touching public items. Customers and employees alike, all expect touchless tech. Touchless devices are used for many purposes ever since their invention. Some of the common uses are in hands-free devices embedded in story walls used at children’s ward in hospitals, as well as museums.

The same touchless technology can be integrated into communication systems or other devices to enable workers to employ bodily gestures like a hand wave to shift pointers or paint on screens. Touchless AV can also be integrated into the tablets and laptops of employees. They can make use of contactless factors to establish a connection with their mic as well as other AV equipment.

AV digital signage in demand

AV digital signages have multiple uses and purposes in the corporate world. Without messages, they can also work as wall art. When used as a communication medium, digital signage can efficiently convey the message in real-time to every part of the office; covering all departments, warehouse units, and facilities. Even remote locations of the office can be covered with digital signages. They can automate jobs, relieving employees to focus on important tasks.

Real virtual experiences

Not happy with the performances of the communications’ solutions used during the pandemic, designers and developers are innovating to incorporate AV technology into the system to provide users with more real experiences. They are working on using spatial audio applied to virtual meetings.

Spatial audio is about creating real sound effects that appear as if the sound is coming from a particular direction. Spatial audio regulates the volume as well as the direction of sounds coming from the mic/speakers to attain a more realistic audio experience.

Undoubtedly, the improvements in AV technology, like the ones mentioned above will enable an era of impeccable communication systems and processes.  The hybrid work culture is here to stay. The innovative AV systems will make operations and communications seamless irrespective of the location of your team members.

Micro Networks can help you in leveraging the innovative AV technology for the growth of your business.

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