Is the cloud ready for mission-critical apps?

A mission-critical application is an essential program that must work continuously for a business to be efficient and successful. In case a mission-critical application faces downtime, there will be financial losses. The software’s failure may affect the business productivity hence its reputation.

There is believed to be a lot of doubt surrounding the adoption of the public cloud for mission-critical systems. Businesses are unsure about it being ready and safe!

It was about a decade and a half ago that commercial cloud computing took birth. Many big IT firms ventured into the cloud computing space. They offered various services, like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

The big enterprises that have gone in for cloud infrastructure have restricted the use of cloud space for mission-critical systems and still have a physical setup for the same at their premises. They kind of run hybrid systems and have not completely embraced the public cloud. People are still skeptical about security and are closely watching the performance of businesses that have completely embraced the public cloud system. Some are waiting for the evolution of the cloud in terms of safety and security. The financial services sector is a good example of a business sector that is still not prepared to embrace the public cloud setup for its core banking application as well as various other vital services.

So it is still debatable if the cloud is suitable for mission-critical systems or not. Basically, businesses that do not offer mission-critical services have fully embraced cloud computing. Some decision-makers believe issues related to security and availability of the cloud are blown out of proportion. They believe that all cloud service providers are major IT giants with a good track record of immense reliability. Moreover, their core competence lies in the management of IT services, so why should anyone doubt the security and availability of the cloud? In terms of availability, a lot of innovations are already in place. If at all there are small gaps here and there that can be adjusted well with.

Many mission-critical applications need lower latencies to perform efficiently and optimally. Some may say that latency is also an issue. However, with the rise of fibre optics deployment for long-haul business services and to achieve last-mile connectivity, the issue of latency has been addressed to a great extent.
The continuity and reliability in cloud infrastructure, especially with poor power infrastructure, along with the presence of cost-effective and more efficient scaling resources make it much more convenient. Considering these benefits, migration to the cloud offers a better business prospect as against on-premise infrastructure.
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