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Networking Solutions

Leading Networking Solutions Provider in India

Networking Solutions are exceedingly required for the achievement of any association. At Micro Network we offer dependable security and adaptability in our network administration arrangements; which is combined with conveying hearty execution. We convey oversimplified yet predictable networking solutions that are adaptable and can be shaped as per customer necessities.

We convey single, adaptable and secure IP network and which can be modified in light of the changing business needs. As a world’s driving OEM of Network Switching and Routing organization., our networking administration arrangements have been helping their clients to understand the business advantages of networking administration through expanding efficiency and business adaptability and diminishing operational expenses.

We comprehend your business needs and furnishes you with best-customized answers to meet the interesting needs of your business. Micro Network is your One-Stop-Shop for all your networking administration related requirements. The networking solutions arrangements gave by us are exceedingly adaptable that match the developing needs of the business. We give you the security from programmers, infections and other danger which can prompt information misfortune. Our Networking Experts can execute adaptable systems administration arrangements with the goal that the setup can be updated according to the prerequisite of the business.

Automate Your Network

Provide business agility and scale by automating one policy across the entire access network.

  • SD-Access
  • SD-Access Services

Lower WAN costs

Reduce your OpEx without compromising performance, security, or reliability.

  • SD-Wan
  • SD-Wan Services

Assure Network Performance

Troubleshoot faster and increase IT productivity with a context that delivers actionable insights.

  • DNA Center
  • Analytics and Assurance

Detect & Mitigate Threats

Address threats and vulnerabilities anywhere on your network–including those hiding in encrypted traffic.

  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis
  • Security Services

DNA Center: an open platform for innovation

Streamline IT operations and automate business intent from end to end with DNA Center’s groundbreaking 360-degree extensibility. Integrate network assurance into your IT workflows, and translate contextual network visibility into valuable business insights. Share intelligence with security systems to constantly protect your business.

Networking Routers

Router as per business

At Micro Network, our networking solutions expert accumulate routers to fit your business needs and networking administration designs. Pick abilities like a firewall, a virtual private system (VPN), and an IP telephone arrange. Consider wired or remote access, single or double WAN, what number of representatives will utilize the switch, level of security, and throughput.

Simplify Your Networking

Need to improve your network administration technique? Consider a product characterized WAN to decrease operational expenses and enhance asset utilization for multi-site organizations. Network managers can utilize accessible transmission capacity all the more effectively, offering the most elevated execution for basic applications without relinquishing security or information protection.

Network Switches

Cloud Managed Switches

Streamline your network administration actualizing a cloud – oversaw switch in your networking administration foundation. Alongside basic UI get auto-refreshes with numerous locales full stack administration specifically conveyed to the switch.

On-Device Management

Need to execute a network switch with a specific level of administration like Qos or Security or your consistency controls bar cloud applications then On-Device managed switch will be a decent alternative for you.

Managed & Unmanaged Switches

Completely Managed L2 and L3 Switches to convey you an exhaustive arrangement of capacities. So you can profit the best adaptability in your network infrastructure, exact control and administration alongside most abnormal amounts of security with best application encounter.

Wireless Networking Solution

User Defined Access

What number of individuals will get to your remote network, and from what distance? You require an access point that amplifies limit without giving up range.

Network Traffic Control

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) gives you additional network movement administration and security. On the off chance that you require DPI, pick an access point with a high state of preparing power, which DPI requires.

High Level Security

On the off chance that it’s basic, get an access point with a committed security radio. This extra radio can consistently filter for and secure against dangers and adjust to impedance.

Future Ready Network

Get to indicates with 802.11ac Wave 2 ensure your remote network executes also tomorrow as it does today.

Network Security

Network as a sensor

Secure access to your evolving network, gain insights and awareness of everything hitting your network, and get alerted to policy violations and compromised devices in real time.

Segmentation and policy enforcement

Grant the right levels of access to the right users. Contain potential attacks. Gain the power to take actions to protect your organization across the network.

Security Services

Confidently grow your business, implement new technologies, and anticipate and respond to threats with Security Services.

Advance Malware Protection

Consistently anticipate, identify and react to security dangers. Keep a track on executable and record action on your network. Actualizing the progressed malware insurance in your network administration foundation we can offer nonstop checking and examination to get and remediate dangers.

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Next-Gen FireWalls

Most astounding security adequacy blocking 99.4% and 99.2% of network dangers, your firewall is the most critical device in your risk insurance toolkit. As firewall downtime could be calamitous for your business. So it’s our obligation to execute cutting edge firewall in your IT Infrastructure to offer transparency and automation for expanded assurance.

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Cloud Network Security

Actualizing cloud-based security arrangements we can stop dangers before a connection is ever settled. Indeed, we can execute the primary line of barrier utilizing DNS to stop dangers over all ports and protocols, including direct-to-IP associations.

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The path to intent-based networking starts here.

Organizations are continually adopting more technologies to compete in this digital era.
Start addressing your most pressing needs with an intent-based network built on Cisco DNA.

Automate for scale

Secure access

Prevent downtime

Lower WAN costs

Contain threats

Connect to a multicloud world

Optimize IoT initiatives

Improve business operations