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Leading Power Backup Solutions in India

Defend your home and business communication devices and PCs against damage and file destruction from unexpected power grid changes, including surges and even lightning. Our worry-free backup solutions and Micro Network’s protectors deliver industrial-strength protection and reliability for your most important electronics.

power backup solutions


We understand that you depend on power. No matter what type of business you run, we all rely on power the same way and it is important to have the necessary backup and protection when things go wrong. That is why we make power protection and battery backup solutions, including uninterruptible power supplies, power regulators, and more. You never have to worry about what could happen to your electrical equipment.

As a trusted and reliable manufacturer of power products, we make it our goal to bring you quality devices that you can count on. Our complete line of power solutions give you the reassurance of knowing that no matter what issues come your way, your equipment will be safe.Working with a variety of different industries and home solutions, we believe in developing products you love and trust. Whether you need security, POS systems, or IT protection, Micro Network has your power and battery backup protection covered.

power backup solutions


  • Inverters/Generators

  • Solar solutions

  • UPS

  • Batteries

  • Modular Power Distribution

  • Customized solutions

Data Center Power Backup

Our data center solutions protect your systems from power cuts and power outrages and optimize data centers and network systems connected together for cloud and big data architectures in your respective IT infrastructure and company.

Home Solutions

Micro Network offers many products to power and safeguard the critical electronics at home that keep you and your family connected. Protect your high speed internet connection to ensure 24/7 network access – especially during storms and extended power outages.

Reliable Power Backup

At Micro Network, We offer surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies (battery backups) that ensure you have optimal uptime for your PC and home network. We’re so confident in the performance of our products that we stand behind them with a guarantee.


Storms, lightning and excess demand are just some of the many different causes of electrical disturbances ranging from micro power cuts to over voltages, voltage spikes or electrical interference that can affect electrical equipment. For these reasons, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems have now become essential to ensure a continuous, optimum and stable power supply. Micro Network offers energy efficient, advanced and versatile protection to computer and multimedia equipments in the home and office environments.

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Data Centers face increasing demands to reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency and build a reliable infrastructure for IT Operations. Service continuity is a major challenge for data centers. To achieve this, the reliability, quality and maintainability of the power supply are key factors.Our high performance and high-availability innovations help you ensure the service quality of your data center and therefore meet your customers’ requirements.

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Micro Network delivers affordable and reliable protection for small business servers, storage and network equipment, means it not only provides you power backup when you need it, but it also protects the load from disturbances or fluctuations.Also for any security system is essential to have power backup all the time because you never know when emergency situation is gone arrive, so being prepared is the only solution, we provide guarantied solution for security systems.

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