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Leading Security Solutions in India

Micro Network provides most noteworthy Integrated Security Solutions, with latest technologies and also delivers security based enhancements to personal and business operations. Our services are delivered by a highly trained industry expert in the domain of Security Surveillance.

CCTV Camera


Identically intelligent digital security and surveillance solutions also have the power to augment human resources and deliver noteworthy comprehensive security. These solutions have uniquely implemented intelligence to help drive informed business decisions in areas ranging from enhanced security and loss prevention to the analysis of retail store traffic for optimal product placement. We also offer equally distributed ever-expanding range of noteworthy solutions for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.


Security Solutions to suit all your needs

  • Home alarm systems

  • Weatherproof devices and cameras

  • Networked cameras

  • Access controlled entry devices

  • Fire security solutions

  • Customized security solutions

Cost Effective and Scalable

The cost of managed security solutions is very cost effective while offering better results.The benefits of security systems make for a strongly viable solution to any types of threat for commercial,residential and industrial organisations.In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, it makes sense to entrust your security within our hands so that you are better equipped to deal with today’s unpredictable environment.

Balance in Security and Operation

A good security solution should keep the delay on your operational processes to a minimum.Also, a good security solution always exists out of carefully balanced organizational, structural and electronic elements.We listen closely to your wishes and requirements and delve into your risks and processes. This ensures that the solution we offer you will always seamlessly match your organization and its risks. The interrelationship between the solution’s different components is also taken into account. All in all, you will get a balanced and fine-tuned security solution that supports your operational processes.

Peace of Mind

Optimally secured, you can comfortably focus on your core processes.Micro Network security solutions makes sure that a security solution we provide is always vigil and does what it is supposed to. Even after the installation,we monitor your systems. If it turns out something is off track – e.g. if batteries are low, camera footage is below par or a sensor is defective – our specialists will be on it.With our continuous monitoring, you will always have your security systems performing optimally so you can comfortably focus on your core processes.

A Variety of Security Solutions to suit your Needs

Intrusion Detection System

Our security solutions comprise highly advanced wireless video door phones which works seamlessly towards safeguarding you comprehensively. Also the video door phones have a noteworthy direct approach. While home safes and lockers may serve a secondary function, video door phones avert risks and resolve the concern of security from the root. It is a far cry from the obsolete and highly unreliable peepholes that have been a part of many homes and offices for decades. Grab the most efficient security system for your home right away.

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Again the most noteworthy and tested security solution in public places, educational institutions, buildings and business organizations. From fixing to monitoring it, we also provide complete service package. Micro Network offers technologically advanced IP and Analgo cameras, DVR and NVR and also LED/LCD monitors. The CCTV System also serves as the most effective medium to detect early signs of danger. It also provides you noteworthy visual proof of a security breach. With the latest IP technology you can also view what is happening in your premises from any part of the world.

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Again secure yourselves from an unfortunate fire that may breakout with this uniquely implemented wonderful fire alwarm system. Further requirements include that alarms are only silenced manually, after which the control panel must provide audio and visual signals until the system is restored. Also sprinklers containing water are available which burst open when the temperature crosses a certain threshold.

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