Tips to Improve Your Network Security

Information technology is important. As the dependency of all businesses on technology grows with time, the companies begin to store data on online networks. Cloud computing has taken the IT industry by storm but the issue of cybersecurity has also plagued businesses.  Therefore, it is vital to secure the large amount of data stored on the network by analyzing the same, controlling it, and accordingly protecting it. Financial firms are required to be more cautious while storing data on the network.

Data safety especially for those stored on the network is a cause of concern for the digital world. Some decision-makers think shelling out millions will secure their data, which is not true. Data can be breached and the risks of cyber thefts are always there. If the network security gets compromised by any chance, the firm may end up losing money and shareholders. They also lose the trust of their clients as well as customers. It is best to outsource the network security job to experts that know how to keep the data safe at all times. Micro Networks can help a business in this regard.

Until you decide to outsource you need to keep your company data on the network safe. Take extra precautions and follow these tips shared by experts from Micro Networks to protect your company information.

Strategically fix your Passcodes

Employ a strong password strategy for your data network. Data security gets compromised if the password strategy is weak. Avoid using generic passwords like 123 etc., as every company uses it. It is easy for hackers to crack generic passwords.  Keeping simple passwords is pure negligence and can result in a data breach which can cost the company millions and much more. Use complex passwords and enforce a fixed strategy regarding passwords throughout your firm. Also, update your passwords after 8-9 weeks.

Back up for security

Always ask your team to have a backup plan ready regarding network security. Guide them wherever possible. Ensure that plan B is as strong as the primary plan. Create a backup of all files and data stored on your network so that at least you can retrieve the data in case there is a security breach or system failure. Cybercriminals do not just steal data but they also try to delete data. Therefore, a strong backup of data is a must, which can be stored away from the main location, so that it is separate as well as secured.

Use Reputed Third Party Security Apps

Considering the issue of cyber-security, many third-party applications providers are providing virus protection and firewalls in order to safeguard the company data. It is important that you partner with only a reputed third-party app provider; the one that enjoys a good reputation so that they are careful about ensuring end-to-end encryption on the company data. By buying professional protection, you make your network safety stronger with the extra protective level of security placed on your network that will keep the activities like phishing intrusion and blocking along with malware at bay. They also detect the threat in advance.

Follow a Security Culture

Maintaining the security of your networks is a process that cannot be achieved or completed in a day. Enforce a security culture at the workplace as there could be many employees in your firm accessing the data on the network through their computers now and then. It is best to provide company laptops to all and use computer-derived passcodes to all employees to keep the network security intact.

Foster a security culture in the company, ensuring that every employee knows the importance of passwords and their protection. Also, the data encryption must be consistently reinforced.


The above-mentioned tips will come in handy to keep your network security on point. However, for the strongest network security, it is best to seek expert help and outsourcing would be the best solution.

Reach out to Micro Networks once you make up your mind to outsource the job of network security.

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